Manchester United and 5 Golden moments of the football World (part 2)

3. Liverpool (Champions League 1976-77)
Liverpool have already felt became European champion after reaching the UEFA Cup in the season 1972-73 and 1975-76. However, at that time, they have big ambitions to “dominate” Europe by winning the Champions League.
Along with his Manager, Bob Paisley, Liverpool have the opportunity to realize the dream was great after qualifying for the final of the Champions League in 1976-1977.In a match that took place at the Stadio Olimpico, Liverpool first had to deal with the representative of Germany, Borussia Mönchengladbach.
Terry McDermott Liverpool excellence on open first round. Entering the second half,Gladbach put pressure after Allan Simonsen scored are the position. But Tommy Smith goals and penalty execution Phil Neal in the end ensured a 3-1 victory The Redstop of the Gladbach.Placeholder Image
Champions League championship season of 1976-77 also marks the beginning of the dominance of The Reds in European tournaments. After that, Liverpool won the Champions League back in the summer of 1977-1978, 1980-1981, 1983-1984, and 2004-2005.
4. Manchester United (Champions League)
Nobody thought Manchester United grabbed a Champions League trophy in 1999.Until the 90th minute, Manchester United Left 0-1 Bayern Munich in the final, at Camp Nou, May 26, 1999. Lothar Matthaus was ready Ottmar Hitzfeld, the partying is already turned toward the Cup.
However, dreams are both extinct after super-sub Manchester United, Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored two goals, the decisive victory of the Red Devils 2-1 on a three-minute injury time-out period. Manchester United, Bayern Munich, the partying took derita.
While Samuel Kuffour not power wiping tears, David Beckham ran chirpy lifted the Champions League trophy for the first time. For Manchester United, it is the second title after their previously achieved in 1986.
5. Manchester City (Premier League 2011-2012)
The success of the Manchester City earned a Premier League 2011-12 can be a compelling story that will be remembered for all time. In addition to the Premier Leaguetitle for the first time, their journey on the season is remarkable because it is competing with Manchester United to the Premier League last weekend.
At the weekend to37, Manchester City and Manchester United are both collecting86 points. While Manchester City faced Queens Park Rangers (SWANSEA), Etihad Stadium, while Manchester United melakoni away match against Sunderland.
At the moment Manchester United ended the game with a victory, 2-1, Manchester City are still lags behind 1-2 from SWANSEA. Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United manager at the time, was already punching while convinced his team will be thechampion. However, the fist was changed so the wail of disappointment.
Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, became stars. He had two goals in the decisive victory of Manchester City during two minutes of injury time. Any Manchester City ensured champions, while Manchester United‘s status as runner-up due to lost goal difference.Placeholder Image
Mukzizat” performed Manchester City then decorate a variety of news coverage the news media world. The Telegraph, for example, which renders the title of their main news coverage: Manchester City: a Tale of Love and Money. (Manchester City: Tales of love and money).
This success also became one of the proof of the hard work of Manchester City for the past 44 years to grab the title bear sweet. Such is the case with Manchester United and Liverpool at the moment find their Champions League trophy or the United Kingdom and Brazil national team when it won the World Cup for the first time.
For them, soccer is not just the usual sports, but rather a beautiful game should be played with the heart as well as full of love.

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