Manchester United and 5 Golden moments of the football World (part 1)

United Kingdom people have a proverb: You can’t keep a good man down (you can’t make good people brooding continuously). The meaning of the adage that presumably explains, people who have a strong determination to do something would not be deterred by anything.
That adage holds true in the world of football. Anyway, soccer is not just a sport, but also is hard work, sweat every day, as do other workers.
With passion and hard work, dreams and goals can become a reality. If the borrowing language novelist Paulo Coelho, Brazil origin: “the only thing that makes a dream impossible earned is the fear of failure.” Fear can also make people forget the love that terkadung in any spirit of life.
A look at a simple example of Brazil‘s national team. During the 1950s1970s, Brazilhas a lot of players football maestro. You name it, Pele, Garrincha, Tostao, Jairzinho, who until so Frisky stroking the ball gently while you play it through the legs, chest, up to their heads.Placeholder Image
At that time, the Brazil players play ball not for victory but for the sake of the joy oftheir hearts. The rules of football do not play with their stiff, but with love comes from the heart.
In the end, the love and the joy that’s what makes Brazil became champions 1958 World Cup Sweden. Another story in the United Kingdom. Status as biological mother of football“, a country with a population of 50 million people, it is necessary for tens of yearssince the World Cup was first held in 1930to go out as a champion in 1966.
However, thanks to the hard work, in the end Geoff Hurst and his friends raised theCup trophy which up to now has not been able to return repeated. Therefore, it is natural if the events of the 1966 Wembley is the United Kingdom, the community could commemorate the triumph of their football.
In addition to the United Kingdom and Brazil, there are still many examples that illustrate not only the football game between 22 people in the field only.
The citizens of Liverpool, for example, who will never forget when their team for the first time reaching the Champions League trophy in 1977. So the citizens of Manchester, who was a witness to two of their favorite clubs, Manchester United and Manchester City, its success in Europe or the United Kingdom.
Here are five Golden moments of football options with regard to the above topics:
1. Brazil (1958 FIFA World Cup)
Brazil is currently still known as talented players producing countries in the world offootball. Almost all the boys in Brazil to play football as a primary sport. The principle of jogo bonito or the beautiful game ever so attached with their lives.
At the beginning of the participation in the World Cup, Brazil had not taken into account as the country‘s flagship. However they managed to establish a solid strengthafter World Cup back in 1950 when post World War II.Placeholder Image
Status as host of the Selecao, stepped into the final round. However, the Jules RimetTrophy grabbed the dreams for the first time been wiped out after their 1-2 defeatof Uruguay on the determination. The defeat makes Brazil first settled.
Eight years later at the 1958 World Cup, Brazil opened the eyes of the world. The most prominent figure in the tournament it was Pele who was still 17 years old. After beating France, 5-2, in the big four, Brazil ended up partying champion due to bending, Sweden 5-2, in the final.
2. United Kingdom (1966 World Cup)
The victory of the United Kingdom at the 1966 World Cup is worth memorable. TheUnited Kingdom‘s status as host of the successful overthrow favorite team champions, West Germany in the final game.
As host, the United Kingdom performing sensational throughout the tournament. Their goalkeeper Gordon Banks guarded recently conceded in the semifinals when dealing with Portugal. It is through the execution point white scored Eusebio.
The final match takes place. Helmut Haller brought West Germany excelled first in the 12th minute, but Geoff Hurst was able to equalize six minutes later.
United Kingdom turned superior after Martin Peters scored his team’s second goal12 minutes ahead of normal time ended. However, West Germany did not quickly surrender. On 89 minutes, Wolfgang Weber to make Gordon Banks picked up the ball from the goal itself for a second time.
In additional, Geoff Hurst scored a controversial return to create superior, United Kingdom 3-2. The controversy arose after West Germany players protested the referee‘s decision, because a ball Geoff Hurst thinks has yet passed the goal line.
120 minutes, Geoff Hurst became a nightmare of West Germany after his third goal, and had closed the match with a victory, 4-2. He was also noted as the only player capable of scoring in World Cup final hattrick.

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