Antonio Conte: Reasonable Chelsea Failed To Face Burnley

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, claimed to have not been thinking about the continuation of his future at the Emirates Stadium. According to the Manager of the origin of France that, various news or claim that calls itself would withdraw by the end of this season.
This statement revealed Arsene Wenger to respond to comments Ian Wright. On Saturday (11/2/2017), Ian Wright claimed, Arsene Wenger has indicated would resign from the position of Manager of The Gunners at the end of the 20162017 season.
“I don’t know what Ian Wright said. I may be tired because I wake up early and finish late night activity. So, it is true I am tired. However, I do not give an indication of anything about my future, “said Arsene Wenger.113
“It was a questions and answers along with members of the Diamond Club. It happened in the afternoon, so there were many people there. Our previous dinner, but that activity has not only done the two of us (with Ian Wright). There are about four orfive people.
I appreciate if you would like me to take a break, but I am not ready for it,” Arsene Wenger added the talks.
Arsene Wenger coached Arsenal on October 1, 1996 after hijrah of Nagoya Grampus Eight. For nearly 21 years career in London, managers aged 67 years it offered 13 titles, including six trophies Premier League and three FA Cup.
The Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, assessing his team could make the competing disappointed by grabbing three titles in this season.
This statement expressed Zlatan Ibrahimovic after delivering the Manchester Uniteda 2-0 win over Watford, Saturday (11/2/2017). Manchester United, scoring three goals determined Juan Mata on 32 minutes and Anthony Martial (60 ‘).
We just need a fixed step. We want to qualify in the Europa League and we will have a match at home against St Etienne, “said Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Of the five trophies this season, we’ve won one (Community Shield) and there are still four more could we achieve. In my opinion, from the leading four teams, only one winner. “
“The rest will not grab the trophy. However, we‘ve got one and we could grab the second (United Kingdom League Cup), and we still are in the Europa League and the FA Cup. So, if we had not won the Premier League, at least we can try and win two or three more trophies, “he added.
In the Premier League, Manchester United was ranked the sixth provisional standings with 48 points from 25 matches, left 12 figure from Chelsea in the first position. Meanwhile, in the Europa League, Manchester United will face St Etienne at 32 great.
Manchester United are also leaving the League Cup final against Southampton United Kingdom, while in the FA Cup, Manchester United will face Blackburn Rovers in the fifth round.112
The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, judging it was not easy to grab full points when going into the stadium Turf Moor, Burnley‘s headquarters.
Chelsea played 1-1 with Burnley, Sunday (12/2/2017). Chelsea’s winning goal through Pedro Rodriguez in the seventh minute, before likened Robbie Brady (24 ‘).
“We should be disappointed because, in my opinion, this is the type of game that we should have won. It is unfortunate we started the game well and created several opportunities, then Burnley scored a late free kick, “said Antonio Conte.
“However, it was not easy to play here. They were able to grab the 29 points at home. That means, they are a very strong team if the team competed in the original manager of Italy, “it added.
Throughout the game, according to the Premier League, Chelsea relinquished two shots accurate from the 13 experiments, with mastery of the ball 71 percent. Meanwhile, Burnley created four golden opportunities from six attempts against opponents.
“We are keeping the situation under control and create a lot of scoring opportunities. Maybe we can finish the game, but that didn’t happen the second half was a bit hard with the long balls. We do not know the type of matches like this, “said AntonioConte.
The most important Thing now is to re-start from the beginning. We grabbed one point, but of course it’s a little disappointing, “said Antonio Conte.
Although he failed to achieve the full points, Chelsea remain firmly at the top of the standings temporarily with 60 points from 25 matches, winning 10 digits from Tottenham Hotspur in the second stage.

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