5 reaction of Cyberspace After Gerrard Announces Retirement

Former Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard was officially announced his retirement from the world of professional soccer, Thursday (24/11/1999). The decision to invite comments from across the spectrum of parties, ranging up to fans of former colleagues.
Gerrard spent time with Liverpool for 17 years in the first team. Following the various speculations in the media linked the time ahead of me, I decided to quit professional football as a player,” he said.
Gerrard claims to be happy with his career in the world of football. “I have every story at the moment along with Liverpool, United Kingdom national football team and the LA Galaxy, call Gerrard.
The Huyton-born players graduated from the Academy of Liverpool and underwenta shared senior team debut for Liverpool in a match cons Blackburn, November 1998. In total, he melakoni 710 matches with Liverpool and collect 186 goals.
Here are some comments in the virtual world of a former colleague and United Kingdom Football legend.
Jamie Carragher
1. Jamie Carragher
From now on he can join with me in the MALAYAN program“. Cuitan is derived from the legendary figure of Jamie Carragher, Liverpool.
Carragher and Gerrard never worked together in Liverpool. The two best known as the senior players figure that gives strength to the game Liverpool. Carragher is famous as a tough Defender, while Gerarrd can close the hole in midfield kala became skipper.
Alan Shearer
2. Alan Shearer
“Always successful in the future, and will always be remembered with an incrediblegame in a match,“. The sentence telontar from Alan Shearer.
The figure of Alan Shearer became the guru of the moment Steven Gerrard stepped forward in a senior international. Several times Shearer had time to submit criticism of Super Gerro appearance. One of the most memorable public criticism is related to less kompaknya games Gerrard and Frank Lampard.
Shearer has also been raised about the position Gerrard‘s comments that do not fitthe left side mounted on the epoch. In effect, several times He was in the Middle, although the area visible overlap with Lampard.
Tim Cahill
3. Tim Cahill
Steven Gerrard, congratulations for an outstanding career. He’s a player who is very kuhormati, both on the field and outside the stadium. I think he’s become one of the best players ever become my adversaries, “.
Cuitan official accounts were from Tim Cahill. The Australia national team striker never costumed Liverpool. However, he has a long history associated with Gerrard. Cahill is penggawa Everton for eight seasons. Not surprisingly, the two know each otherdespite their clubs traditionally hostile.104
Pepe Reina
4. Pepe Reina
“An incredible honor has played with remarkable players such as Gerrard. He has always been an example of inside and outside the field. An incredible memories. Thanks for everything, The Legend! “.
The former Liverpool goalkeeper, Pepe Reina to pronounce the sentence through the official twitter account of his. Reina has played for 9 years with Gerrard. Reina bear witness to the early emergence of Gerrard, and together achieve multiple Championships.
Professional Players Association Premier League
5. Professional Players Association Premier League
Welcome to the future of Steven Gerrard. Former national team captain and Liverppool United Kingdom announced his retirement from professional football, world “.
The statement came from the Professional Players Association mikroblogging account Premier League (PFA). Gerrard had been a part of the PFA, and sysop several times entered the award recipients list nomine players best version of PFA.
He never captured the PFA footballer of the year trophy from 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2014

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