Mourinho Admits The Target Along With Manchester United

Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho, assess the presence of Manager Jurgen Klopp has been restoring the confidence which is missing from the squad were The Reds.


This is all about putting the mentality of victory within us. All about confidence andmentality that is given to us by the Manager, “said Coutinho.


“Right now, the players feel more confident and this is all because the Manager. All of that is reflected in the appearance on the field and the results achieved, “said Brazil midfielder was.


The argument given Coutinho certainly not without reason. Currently, Liverpool managed to occupy the second position standings while with a value of 27 points, lagging behind a number of Chelsea at the top.


The amount was collected in Liverpool thanks to victories from eight victories, three times, and once the draw lost 12 matches. Original Club Merseyside club into even the most pungent scoring 30 goals in 12 Premier League matches 2016-2017.


Jurgen Klopp started his job as Liverpool Manager on October 8th, 2015. Up to now, Germany was the origin of the man grabbing 50.7 persetase victory from 67 matches Liverpool in various event.


The Manager of Manchester United (MU), Jose Mourinho, reveals his goal during the next three years along with his club when the Red Devils bring success and remained as Manager for a prolonged period.


Mourinho was appointed as the Manager of the MU on May 27, 2016. He was contracted for three years, with an option for renewal for another year. Armed with a curriculum vitae (CV) fondling along with FC Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Real Madrid, a staunch supporter of the MU high expectations put on the shoulders of Barcelona.


Nevertheless, Portugal-born man it can not bring MU experience improved performance significantly. MU was in sixth position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017 package with 19 points from 12 games.


“Let’s go step by step. I am currently still at the beginning of the contract. I’m still atthe beginning in a process. I want to achieve success in three years. I also want to be here more than three years, “said Mourinho.


It’s all because I was at the club that I wanted. So, let’s step slowly. Let’s both look at the evolution of the results that I have created. However, I emphasize this is just an early, “he said.


Throughout his career, Mourinho has been collecting a variety of prestigious titles. Some of these are two Champions League trophy along with FC Porto and Inter Milan, as well as three joint Premier League title to Chelsea.


A three-year contract that was given to me, is the perfect time to prove where the direction of our goal,” Mourinho dial plan.


Three years is not only limited to about the transfer window. It’s also about my relationship with the players, my understanding with players and vice versa, “said JoseMourinho.


Borussia Dortmund midfielder, Andre Schurrle, judge Jose Mourinho had damagedhis dream to play longer at Chelsea.


My experience at Chelsea is very good because playing with so many star players.Playing at Chelsea is also my dream. However, after I came out because of the experience of infection diseases, coach since then is no longer often rely on me, “said Schurrle.


Mourinho showed me how difficult a career as a football player. If you perform badly in one game, then you will be terdepak from the squad, “said the Germany midfielder was.


Andre Schurrle removed Chelsea from Bayer Leverkusen in 2013. When it is removed with the costs Schurrle, 18 million pounds and signed the contract lasts five seasons.


The accustomed Schurrle plays as a starter at the Club ever surprised when Argentines more often off the bench at Chelsea. Manager Jose Mourinho when it’s more often rely on Eden Hazard or Willian.


The situation makes Schurrle start no taste was in Chelsea. Overall, Andre Schurrle registered 65 appearances and scored 14 goals for Chelsea.


Finally, in early 2015 Andre Schurrle resigned to Wolfsburg with a cost of 10 millionpounds sterling. After one and a half season in uniform or the later Schurrle Wolfsburg, Borussia Dortmund at the start of the season 2016-2017 and is currently featured in 10 games.

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