Conte was determined to Pay the trust of Abramovich at Chelsea

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, Defender Alex of Benfica, Grimaldo, as one among incarannya players in the upcoming January transfer exchanges. Desire Mou got wind of fresh after Benfica reportedly is ready to take off the player.
Sector behind United into the major areas of concern Mourinho. Manchester Unitedconceded a goal often supposed they could avoid. The injury experienced by Eric Bailly adds to the list of issues on the line behind The Red Devils.
To improve the performance of your line of Defense United, Mourinho monitor a number of players who have the ability of surviving is nice. One of those players is ever Grimaldo became a member of La Masia.
But Mourinho‘s desire to get the heavy opposition of Grimaldo rival their city, Manchester City. City Manager, Pep Guardiola, also rumored to be ready to bid to bringGrimaldo appeared in the Premier League.
The club owner Grimaldo, Benfica, hoping the two clubs Manchester will perform the war bid so it could raise the selling price of the player. Benfica currently is alreadyMarcelo Hermes from bringing Gremio prepared in lieu of Grimaldo.
One other factor that could menjegal Manchester United’s desire to recruit sales clause is price Grimaldo players who reach 51 million pounds sterling (about Idr 851.65 billion).
In this season, Grimaldo already appeared in 14 matches and contributed two goals for Benfica.99
Pepe mentions if Manchester United is not a strong candidate to win the Premier League this season. Ibrahimovic even assess if MU is the underdog team.
The management of The Red Devils do an overhaul on the stock transfer season 2016-2017. After appointing a new Manager Jose Mourinho, MU issuing funds to 157.5 million pounds sterling ($ 2.6 trillion) to get four new players.
The four players that is Eric Bailly from Villarreal, Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Borussia Dortmund, Zlatan Ibrahimovic from Paris Saint-Germanin obtained for free, and Paul Pogba from Juventus.
Dealt with one of the best coaches in the world and has a qualified team, Manchester United start their season this well. They managed to clean sweep victory in the inaugural Premier League game three.
But after that, the Red Devils started to fell. They just picked up two WINS, four draws, results and swallowing three defeats from nine matches in the League
The sequence of results that makes minor Manchester United now is ranked six in the standings while the Premier League with a value of 19. They left behind nine points from Chelsea who occupy the top of the table.
With performance that is still not stable, predictable THY hard to win the Premier League this season. It was recognized by Ibrahimovic.
“I said from the beginning if we are the underdog team, we’re not the favorite to win the title this season,” said the former captain of the national team in Sweden.
With all the new players in the summer, everyone was excited, but the Club has four or five years has not won the League or being on top the standings. It is something that we’re working on, “said Ibrahimovic.
On the weekend of the 13th game of the Premier League, Manchester United will face West Ham United at Old Trafford, Sunday (27/11/1999).
The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, was determined to pay the trust has given the Club‘s owner, Roman Abramovich. For Conte, it is more important than the team trophy.
“I want to prove to the Club’s owner if he made the right decision when designatingAntonio Conte for the next three years. For me, it was more important than the title, “said Conte told the Gazzetta dello Sport.
Antonio Conte was appointed manager of Chelsea on April 4, 2016. Along with Conte, Chelsea began to show its best appearance in the last few matches.
Diego Costa and his friends won six winning streak and scored 17 touchdowns andhas not conceded. Raihan made Chelsea now inhabit the top of the table while thePremier League with a value of 28, winning a number of Liverpool and Manchester City in the top two and three.
Even so, Conte contends the hunt for the title this season will take place. Because, there are a lot of teams are still involved in the competition to win the Premier League 2016-2017.
The hunt for the title will take place. There are six teams still involved and the Premier League this season will probably be the hardest, “said Conte.
Chelsea will face two difficult matches in the Premier League consecutively. The Club is based at Stamford Bridge that will meets Tottenham Hotspur at home on November 26, 2016, then into Etihad Stadium to try out the power of Manchester City, 3December 2016.

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