4 the worst Players Manchester United Legends Version

The Manchester United Academy players in the era of Sir Matt Busby, Eemon Dunphy, sending pungent criticism to The Red Devils penggawa following the negative results received at the Club. Dunphy assess the penggawa United currently only with big names, without the contribution of the means for the Club.
Offered from the Independent, Wednesday (23/12/2016), Dunphy became one concerned with the declining status of Manchester United in the Premier League. At the moment, United are perched on the sixth position of the standings temporarily with a collection of 19 points, lagging nine points from Chelsea who are at the top of the standings.
The man who currently works in the field of media and undertook to create a biography of Sir Matt Busby, did not hesitate to give his assessment to the players of Manchester United after being held goalless Arsenal last weekend.
The following assessment Dunphy for some penggawa United:
1. Memphis Depay
Since joining MU on May 7, 2015 from PSV Eindhoven, Memphis Depay trouble showed the best performance. Netherlands-born players that this season’s new seven-time strengthens the Red Devils in all the event and haven’t scored a goal.
Memphis Depay no players worthy of being United. Club Party pulled out a lot of money for Memphis, but he is more often seen driving a luxurious car in the city ofManchester than to demonstrate its commitment to return to the main squad.
2. Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney this season undergone a new position under Jose Mourinho, that is, as a midfielder. United Kingdom-born Player, however, was not able to demonstratea positive contribution and the game was a lot of criticism.
As a result, Jose Mourinho more put him on the bench. In the last few matches, returns to the position of Roo Mou attacker. Former Everton penggawa it this far recently created two goals in 15 matches in all the event.
“When the first time Mourinho came to United, he said Rooney will play in the position of a striker or midfield playmaker. But he has not played at all in that position so far. Rooney was indeed once a rescuer for Manchester United, but it feels like it’s no longer valid now. Perhaps the heyday of Rooney alongside Manchester United already through.
3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Ibrahimovic joined MU on 1 July 2016 after deciding not extended his contract along with PSG. Sweden-born Player was signed lasted for a season with an option for renewal for a year together.
Ibrahimovic initiated its action at MU with a hit. He created goals in three consecutive matches. But afterwards, the Brazilian suffered a decrease in performance. Players aged 34 years it has so far appeared 17 times strengthen THEE and created eightgoals.
Ibrahimovic has not had a football in her genes. On some early action, he was able to contribute important goals for United, but the goal of the game printed on the face of the Club. Ibrahimovic is currently 35 years old and his ability already far downhill.
4. Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba return to Manchester United from Juventus with the status as the most expensive player in the world. However, he’s up to now has not been able to show the best contributions.
France midfielder was even rated often left his position in the midfield so as to create a space for the opposing team to the creative midfielder. He has so far appeared16 times and creating four goals.
“The goal of the Arsenal should be avoided if Paul Pogba is able to help David De Gea close to the movement of Arsenal. Pogba, however only stands speechless and as not understanding the game.
Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, revealed the three toughest football playerhe had ever faced. The players it is Chelsea, John Terry, Captain of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, and Porto goalkeeper, Iker Casillas.96Aguero started his adventure in the European competition along with Atletico Madrid, since July 1, 2016. Over the past five years working in the La Liga, the performerhas had 102 goals plus assists 46 of 233 appearance in all competitions.
Thanks to the appearance of impresifnya that, Manchester City have no doubt menggelontorkan funds amounting to 36 million euros (us $515, 75 billion), for the United Kingdom to Aguero, he brought on 2011-2012 season.
Along with The Citizen, Aguero successfully won two trophies each Premier League (2012, 2014) and the Capital One Cup (2014, 2016), as well as one FA Community Shield trophy (2013).
On the basis of these, Aguero is certainly able to assess who the players are able tobusy in a match. The reason, he has had a lot of experience playing at the highest level.
I actually hard to pick this up. Three of the most difficult players I face is the first Ramos. Then, the second is Terry from the Premier League, and the last is at Barcelona, “said Aguero.
In the meantime, Aguero also assess if Cristiano Ronaldo and David Silva, is the best player ever to work with her. Then, He also mentions the name of Javier Mascherano as players that have a high work ethic.
I chose Real Madrid and another one is Silva. Then, the player is able to attract my attention, because it is always working hard to finish in the top field is Mascherano, “said Aguero.
Impressive performance of Sergio Aguero alongside Manchester City continues this season. Former son-in-law of Diego Armando Maradona that scored eight goals in10 Premier League party in 2016-2017 and sitting in the second position of the list of the top scorer while.

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