Jurgen Klopp No Doubt to Streak Liverpool Players, if …

Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure, is not included in the big five of the AfricanFootballer of the year Edition nomine 2016. Some media in the Black continent, menengerai, Toure failed because of minimal chance perform with his club.


The situation of Yaya Toure of Manchester City shared the uncertain. The Ivory Coast midfielder is no longer a core part of The Citizens.


The presence of Manager Josep Guardiola made Toure‘s future uncertain. New melakoni, he recorded two games alongside Manchester City in all competitions.


Some time ago cause of Yaya Toure outplayed sticking from the Manchester City squad. It all started from the behavior of the agent, Dimitri Insider ties not harmoniouswith the Pick. PEP then demanded the ins to apologize for his attitude to it.


At the beginning of the beginning of November 2016, Yaya Toure apologized to Champions. As a result, men 33 years back believed to appear on game cons Crystal Palace, 19 November 2016.


On the basis of that, the panelists did not incorporate the name Yaya Toure in the big five. In fact, she already 4 times awarded it during the period 2011 to 2014.


The variety among the judge, Yaya Toure lost to compete with two representatives of Leicester City, i.e., an Algerian Islam Slimani and Riyad Mahrez. Toure also lost prestige compared to three other nomine, i.e. to Mané Sadio (Senegal/Liverpool), Mohamed Salah (Egypt/AS Roma) and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon/Borussia Dortmund).


The announcement of who will be the African Footballer of the year 2016 would take place on 5 January 2017. The jury team is the coach and Technical Director, who was part of the African Football Federation (CAF). Their quota plus 10 expertpanelists.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, says it will enforce the law firmly the players who already feel satisfied with the performance of The Reds.


Liverpool are currently rated performance was good. Up to the 12th week, Liverpoolfinished second while Premier League standings 2016-2017 with 27 points, lagging behind a number of Chelsea in the first position.


If someone has the character and wanted to celebrate being in first position in November, he will no longer play in December because I see it too fast,” said Jurgen Klopp.


“However, some of this is sometimes not the case. The players here are in this situation because their character very well. We through the far can achieve this. In my opinion, this is a success, but if you celebrate it and not behave professionally, you willget into trouble, “he added.


Liverpool will melakoni match of the 13th weekend Premier League matches against Sunderland in the stadium, Anfield, Saturday (26/11/1999). Jurgen Klopp ever wish child asuhnya can get back the focus so that it can continue to keep the odds in thechampions this season.


Up to now has not happened nothing. Better indeed occasionally ranked at first rather than never during your lifetime. However, it is not the most important thing at the moment. No need to think about it, “said Jurgen Klopp.


“If I approach the player and said, ‘ don’t think we are at the first stage ‘ orwe are in first position, but no one has achieved ‘, they will probably think I am silly because they know this is already happening. So, keep calm, while playing football, and see what happens later on, “said Jurgen Klopp.


Didier Drogba, rumored to The Sun, on Wednesday (23/12/2016), a chance to go back to Chelsea after ending a career would confirm the Montreal Impact.


The confirmation revealed Drogba after the game against Toronto FC which ended3-2 to the Montreal Impact. To reporters, the Ivory Coast striker said, “there are stillone or two more matches (with Montreal).”


Montreal Impact still leaves the second leg MLS Eastern Conference Finals. If the game won, Didier Drogba and his friends will play the final game of the MLS on December 10.


After the match against Toronto FC, Montreal Impact any indicated, Didier Drogbawill not extend the contract. Official Club through Twitter, Montreal Impact, wrote,Merci Didier (thank you, Didier)”, as well as download the video player.


According to The Sun, Drogba decided an end to his career in MLS in order to return to Chelsea. However, Drogba already not coming back as a player, but as one of The coaching staff.


Didier Drogba Chelsea defend during two periods, i.e. in 2004 to 2012, and 2014-2015. Total, Didier Drogba has had 164 goals and 87 assists in 381 matches along withChelsea in various event.

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