Ferrero: Romagnoli Stupid If returned to Rome

Naples is rumored to have a glance at some of the players they will sign at the beginning of the season the 2015/16. One of them is Cruzeiro Defender Rocha de Oliveira, Mayke.


This is done by Napoli to replace Christian Maggio. 33-year-old Defender had beendeclared that he will leave Il Partenopei dengantidak extended his contract which ends in the summer of 2015.


As was reported by Sky Sport Italy, Mayke is the main target of Naples regardless ofwho will be the coach of the Partenopei at that time. A 22-year-old player that has been dubbed the new Douglas Maicon and was able to attract the attention of President Aurelio de Laurentiis.


Mayke contract along with Cruzeiro also will end in December 2016. This would make the Club Brazil it inevitably received an offer from Naples because the player does not want to memperperpanjang his contract for the sake of her move to Europe.


Lobbed face Juventus, Lazio got the good news about the condition of their main goalkeeper, Federico Marchetti. 32-year-old goalie was rumored can already perform again defended the Biancocelesti.


Marchetti who had suffered a fractured nose last week and immediately underwent surgery to stabilize his condition, now already berangsung improved. Even former Cagliari goalkeeper predicted it can already perform at the Juventus Stadium on Sunday (19/4) early morning GMT.


Marchetti be loaded as he can practice on a regular basis with protective masks,” said Lazio‘s medical Chief, Stefano Salvatori, told Lazio Style Radio.


However, Lazio will most likely will not be amplified by one of its flagship, DefenderStefan Radu. BEK asal Romania had not been able to practice along with his colleagues and underwent special exercises.


Mengenaio Radu, he does not practice together squads, but separately with good results. We didn’t give him the full session to avoid the risk of relapse cederanya. We will evaluate his condition again tomorrow to see what exercise she could do, “continued Salvatori.


The President of Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero, hoping his loan from AS Roma defender, Alessio Romagnoli, remained in the skuatnya in the next season. 63-year-old President that believes that it is best for the central defender‘s career was 20 years old.


Romagnoli have earned the opportunity to compete as much as 23 times at Sampdoria, is the amount of which will not be granted Rome to him. So, survive in the Stadio Luigi Ferraris was the best choice to develop his career.


“If Romagnoli returned to Rome, it would be a stupid decision. He felt very happy here and it works very well, “said Ferrero told Radio Centro Suono Sport.


Unfortunately, the Sampdoria Club owner his contract instead. We will decide whatwe will do in June (end of loan). “


During the defense of Rome, only ever trusted Romagnoli appears 12 times in Serie A in the span of two seasons. It will certainly inhibit its development into the future Italy defender who had pinned him.


AC Milan seem to have to find a new replacement figure coach Fillipo Inzaghi afterSinisa Mihajlovic failed recruiting was reported. Sampdoria coach was reportedly more interested in deal with Napoli.


On the season 2014/15, Mihajlovic succeeded in surprising his rivals in Serie a. Sampdoria the previous season teetering to avoid relegation is now managed to become a serious competitor to scramble into the Europa League zone tiker, even the UEFA Champions League since the beginning of the season rolling.


This makes Milan and Naples which will most likely replace his coach at the end of the season 2014/15, jockeying has Mihajlovic. The Serbian coach has stated that he is not sure will continue to persist in Sampdoria in next season.


However as rumored by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan was rumored not to be able to have a Mihajlovic in the season ahead of larena Miha more interested with Napoli.Former Defender wing Internazionale it claims to be concerned with the ability of the Milan squad and vagueness about who and what the vision of the owner of the club that is likely to change hands.


While Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis, has made its main candidates to become Mihajlovic as a replacement for Rafael Benitez in San Paolo. In addition vision and kualtias tim Il Partenopei is also very clearly can compete in Italy and Europe.

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