Comparisons of the three regimes of Coach in the eyes of Buffon

Bari goalkeeper Enrico Guarna, after his team lost to the reviled continued 2-3 fromCrotone in Serie B match at Stadio Comunale San Nicola on Friday (5/2/2016). He decided to shut down all his social media accounts.
All the insults from fans of Bari is indeed unwarranted. Errors his team who had been making Guarna superior 2-1 should be lost in just five minutes.
Then, teammate Guarna, who is a player on loan from Inter Milan, Isaac Donkor, do a backpass (or back). The difficult position of forcing goalkeeper turned 30 this yearbreaking striker Ante Budimir, Crotone, in the penalty box.
Without thought, deeds Guarna on 83 minutes it bear a red card. Giuseppe Torromino, as the executor of such fitting 12 able to fulfil its task to transform the position into drew 2-2.
Sin Guarna feels bigger because Budimir successfully reverses the position of being3-2 to Crotone in the 90 ‘ + 2.
These results make Bari led to the Novara from fourth position. At the same time, Novara successfully subdue Avellino 4-1.
Although Donkor contributed in error Guarna, Bari fans still attacked the guards. The former goalkeeper, Spezia was admitted in social media continued that made himtake the decision to close all accounts sosmed hers.
I do this for the family. They’ll worry if read all (slur) it. I am fully responsible for what happened. Everyone must be mad to me, not a Word, “Donkor Guarna Calciomercato page.
The struggle of Bari to promotion to the Serie A will be tested on a trip to the headquarters of old Avellino on Saturday (13/2/2016).
Juventus confirm, Giorgio Chiellini should rest for 20 days. In doing so, he should beabsent when his team melakoni two important parties against Napoli, Saturday (13/2/2016), and Bayern Munich, Tuesday (23/2/2016).
Chiellini suffered a calf injury when against Frosinone in Serie A continued at Stadio Comunale Matusa, Sunday (7/2/2016). He pulled out and replaced Daniele Rugani on 77 minutes.
On Tuesday (9/2/2016), a 31-year-old player had been doing scanning against the cederanya.
Examination showed there was an injury to his right leg at the calf muscles. He needs 20 days to return live athletic activity, “the Club statement sounds.
During recovery, Juventus lead a Team has to go through three Serie A party against Napoli, Bologna and Inter Milan. There is also a counter of the Bavarian Champions League games.
The new team could play again when Juventus into Inter‘s headquarters, the stadium Giuseppe Meazza, at the second semi-final of the Coppa Italy, 2 March 2016.
Gianluigi Buffon compare coaching era of Fabio Capello, Marcelo Lippi, and Massimiliano Allegri. In the eyes of Buffon, Allegri‘s team showed the strongest character.
Pick your own is the only remaining player from Juventus‘s Champions from 2001 to2004. In that period, feeling both the quarter-finals.
A similar amount is achieved when Buffon Juventus dealt with Capello from 2004 until 2006. However, both the Scudetto is removed because the case settings score.
Related to these two regimes, Buffon said, “the team belongs to Capello is the strongest, while the team had the most exhilarating was Lippu.”
However, Buffon saw excellence Allegri‘s squad rather than two such regimes. Along with Allegri, Juventus won Serie A in 2014-2015.
Juventus courtesy of Allegri has character and nature is stronger than the team that I felt before,” said Buffon.
Buffon Juventus uniformed himself has since the summer of 2001. Along I, he wonsix league titles and one Coppa Italy.69
Midfielder Hellas Verona, Luca Marrone, pointing to Alessandro Del Piero and Andrea Pirlo as a role model figure. From the last two, which the player on loan from Juventus, learn how to execute the ball dead.
Marrone‘s ability in taking a free-kick or corner visable playing Verona drew 3-3 with Inter at the Bentegodi Stadium Marcantonio, Sunday (7/2/2016).
In those games, Marrone creates three assists, two of them through a corner, the rest through a free kick.
Related to its success, Marrone said, “I always learn from Del Piero and Pirlo. I enjoyed watching them kick. “
I developed a capability thanks to watch their action. One day, I saw Andrea Pirlo scored nine goals in ten free kicks, “he said.
Since undergoing the period of the loan along with Verona in the summer of 2015,Marrone coach Luigi Delneri was indeed designated as primary executors of the dead ball. As a result, he created five assists on a variety of event.
However, this 25-year-old player admitted not satisfied with capaiannya.
“I still want scoring through free kicks. I‘m working hard to achieve them, “Marronesaid.

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