Napoli Are Looking For A New Striker Combination Icardi-Bacca

When Giuseppe Rossi and Mauro Zarate continues their acuity shows at parties pramusim Fiorentina with already completed five goals from three matches, the Club again bring the player character offensive.
Author: Riemantono Harsojo
At the beginning of last week, an attacking midfielder and winger origin Argentina,Hernan Toledo, officially became a member of the 2016/17 Fiorentina squad on loan from Velez Sarsfield.
A few days earlier, Fiorentina officially signed the young midfielder Ianis Hagi. 17 year old youth was a son of the legend of Romania, Gheorghe Hagi.
Before Hagi and Toledo, Who already have enough stock in the position of midfielder and wings. They are Federico Bernardeschi, Josip Ilicic, and Zarate.
In addition, La Viola is also planning to bring back the winger on loan from Barcelona in the second half last season, Cristian Tello.58
How important is Toledo made Fiorentina? Club President, Andrea Delle Vale, calling the wings was 20 that year as a great recruitment made Fiorentina.
Toledo recently made his debut on the Professional League Argentina 2015. Beforeshe moved to Italy, he had a record 19 times in defense of Velez Sarsfield scored one goal in the League of Argentina.
Site Violanews write the presence of Toledo made Fiorentina advanced package hasin-line offensive. Toledo referred to has a different profile with Bernardeschi, Ilicic, Zarate, and even Tello.
Site Whoscored mentions the power of Toledo was the three keyword and dribel. These players love to dribble, playing threetime short, and often violated.
He calls Angel Di Maria as his model in the play.
I’m happy to be here. I chose Florence because the city is fun and Fiorentina is a great club. I am here to help the team, “said Toledo before undergoing medical tests to Florence Viola.
Toledo was born in the town of Sastre in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. The legend of the origin of the land of Tango, Viola Gabriel Batistuta, also comes from the province of Santa Fe.
Look forward to whether Toledo later could contribute to Fiorentina, as has been done with Batigol scored 168 goals in 269 appearances plus presents a Coppa Italy title of 1995/96 and 1996 Supercoppa Italy.
Half the power of Naples as lost when Gonzalo Dismisses left Naples. The dependency to Dismisses so great.
Author: Riemantono Harsojo
Last season, scoring 2 80 goals from 36 Napoli in Serie A.
Of the 36 goals that made the attacker nicknamed “El Pipita it, 13 of which were decisive victories Gli Azzurri.
Since the strengthening of Naples in 2013/14 season, scoring 2 goals in 71 104 appearances in Serie A.
El Pipita scored 0.68 rataan has goals per match in Serie A along with Napoli.
The figure is still below the achievement of Edinson Cavani, Napoli striker of the season 2010/11 to 2012/13.
Also from 104 matches, Uruguay players that scored 78 goals (scoring 0.75 per party).
Despite losing a little in total number of touchdowns, can not be contradicted if successful be a substitute Cavani Dismisses as a goal machine.
Now, is there any attacker who can such sharp Cavani and Dismisses when sky blueuniformed Napoli?
In the last one week, there are four names of attackers most often referred to as a replacement candidate Dismisses.57
They are Mauro Icardi (Inter), Nikola Kalinic (Fiorentina), Carlos Bacca (Milan), and Arkadiusz Property (Ajax).
The strength of the
In a number of aspects of the four goals, the name no one can rival the sharpness Dismisses in every season in the last three years.
Bacca who can afford only managed double-digit touchdowns every season.
Last season, has proven its superiority Bacca. In the first period in the Serie A, the original attacker that Colombia is able to print 18 goals.
The number was more one of achievement in his first season 2-in Italy.
However, based on the assessment of the site Whoscored, though equally great in the final settlement, Bacca votes do not have strength in long-distance shots as well as hold and protect the ball like owned Dismisses.
With a different strength of character Dismisses coach Naples, Maurizio Sarri, so must change ways of attacking the team. When time owned Sarri not much.
Start the 2016/17 Serie A live three weeks longer.
Compared with Bacca, character strength approximating Icardi Dismisses. In addition to excellent in completing the attack, bomber Inter it’s also great in the hold and protect the ball.
Property also has attributes such as strength, i.e. the final settlement of Dismisses and long-distance shots. However, the original attacker Poland is untested in Serie a.the Defence Organization clubs on Netherlands and tough as not as good as inItaly.
What about Kalinic? Last season he was only making 12 goals along with Fiorentina.Whoscored assessing Croatia striker has no power protruding.

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