Ryan Giggs wants to Bring Modric to Manchester United

Ryan Giggs Manchester United suggested to attempt to recruit the Real Madrid midfielder, Luka Modric. Because, Modric rated Giggs has a similar style of play is Paul Scholes.
It’s no secret that Scholes is an important player for Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson a coaching era in the period 1992-2011.
Because vitalnya, Scholes to return from retirement in January 2012, to actually finalize football career in July 2013.
Since the loss of Scholes in 2013, the Manchester United midfield seems lost his spirit. In fact, they have not been able to again win the Premier League trophy.
On the Exchange, 2016 summer transfer, Manchester United bring in Paul Pogba from Juventus with around 89 million pounds sterling (around Rp 1.4 trillion). However, the presence of the world‘s most expensive quarterback could be the solution for the Manchester United midfield.60
Thus, Giggs who had been an Assistant to Louis van Gaal reacted at Old Trafford until June 2016, suggesting Manchester United won to Modric.
Braga, as a left winger Giggs believes that Modric who has similar game charactersScholes.
Today, Croatia is also strong. They’ve got Mario Mandzukic, Ivan Rakitic, Luka Modric and which is my favorite player. For me, Modric is suksesor Paul Scholes, “Giggs said while attending the UEFA event in Zagreb, Croatia, Friday (10/20/2016).
“I would be very happy if Modric came to Manchester United. If I can determine, I am going to take him to Manchester United, “said Giggs.
What is articulated by Giggs is not incorrect. Currently, Modric is one of the important pillars for Real Madrid.
For strengthening the swinger clubs Spain, Modric has been incised 180 appearances, as well as success registered 11 goals and 27 assists.
See the glorious achievement of Modric, certainly will not be easy for Manchester United to recruit her. What’s more, a new contract Must expire in June 2020.
Party Bournemouth vs Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in Vitality, 22 October, will be part of a BBC programme, Match of the Day, with Gary Lineker as host. However, forEddie Howe, Manager of Bournemouth, we recommend a program that doesn’t exist.
Authors: Dian Savitri
I am not a faithful audience. When still a child, I was very obsessed with the program. However, now as a Manager, I’d prefer if that program doesn’t exist. Pressure is enormous, “said Howe told the Bournemouth Echo.
The Cherries first met Tottenham in the Premier League last season. At the secondmeeting, Bournemouth always loses. This season, the odds become fifty-fifty. Whether the Bournemouth will fared like last season or could improve the situation? The results of the series is definitely better than lose, isn’t it?
To be honest, Howe was already thinking of the Spurs since his army 6-1 win over Hull City, Oct. 15.
“We really enjoy the victory that even though only for a moment. After that, I immediately prepared to face Tottenham. Tonight, I intend to watch the tape of the match done by Spurs. After it determines what should be prepared during the exercise, “the 38-year-old Manager continued that after the match against Hull.
Reasonable if Howe takes one week to prepare his army facing the hosts team Mauricio Pochettino was. Although tergeser to the 3rd position of the standings, Spurs could beat a classmate of Manchester City.
Possibility of Howe once again will wear the formation 4-2-3-1. It’s the new lineup twice in eight matches in the Premier League. The first was against West Bromine, Saturday (10/9/2016) and last week in which Bournemouth won the second match it.
Other formations are used is 4-1-41 and 4-4-1-1, but the result was three times and lost once in the series. One formation again, 4-5-1, against Watford, Saturday (1/10/2016), but could only draw.
The face of Spurs, Howe relies on one of its wings that last week made two goals and one assist, Junior Stanislas. In the eyes of Howe, United Kingdom U-21 players began revealing the real talent.
The Spurs, meeting with Bournemouth will be one of seven games in 10 days London Club facing it. Started facing West Bromine, Saturday (15/10), Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League on Tuesday (6/10); then after Bournemouth, Spurs will face Liverpool in the League Cup on Tuesday (8/10), Leicester in the Premier League, Saturday (29/10), once again facing Leverkusen, Wednesday (2/11), and closed with derbi against Arsenal Sunday (6/11).
“We have seven games to do it in 10 days. Everything is very important because it will determine the fate of the Spurs, either in the domestic or European club. Whetherthat period would be the crucial moment we create? Of course it is! “said Pochettino.

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