Futsal World Cup Trip

In this article, I will share information about anyone the futsal World Cup champion officially held by FIFA from the first edition in 1989. Not just conventional football, futsal World Cup title also holds. In organizing the FIFA futsal World Cup, recorded by this already seven times the tournament was held. Which countries become the best in the four yearly? Check out the info below.

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  1. Netherlands 1989 (BRAZILIAN Championship)

FIFA Futsal World Championship was held for the first time in the Netherlands. Then, the Netherlands Football Federation celebrates their anniversary the 100 in 1989, so the event is held with passion by the host. There are 16 teams that took part in this Championship, 6 from Europe, three from South America, two from Africa, two from Asia and two from CONCACAF, as well as one team from Oceania to join the Asian representative.

  1. Hong Kong 1992 (Brazil)

The second FIFA Futsal World Championship was held in one of the smallest FIFA member associations in Hong Kong (15-28 November 1992). As in previous tournaments, 16 countries took part in this Championship, namely: 6 from Europe, three from South America, three from Asia, two from the CONCACAF, one from Africa and one from Oceania.

  1. Spain 1996 (Brazil)

FIFA Futsal World Championship, held Third with a high confidence by Spain’s Football Federation (RFEF). 16 countries participated in the event: 6 from Uefa, 3 from South America, three from Asia, two from the CONCACAF, one from Africa and one from Oceania.

  1. Guatemala 2000 (Spanish)

FIFA Futsal World Cup, the Championship of the 4th was a turning point in the history of the World Championship, after the few times Brazil managed to dominate the event which has lasted 11 years, from the first FIFA Futsal World Championship in the Netherlands, finally stalled. The team managed to break it was Spain, who participated in Guatemala.

  1. China Taipeh 2004 (Spain)

FIFA Futsal World Cup in Chinese Taipei 2004, the three-time world champion, Brazil, determined to revenge their defeat of Spain in the Final of Guatemala 2000. Unfortunately, having escaped from the group phase, Falcao and colleagues should be expelled from Spain in the semifinals.

  1. Brazil 2008 (Brazil)

Brazil eventually became a world champion for the fourth time in the tournament, after succumbing to Spain in the final. The last time Brazil champion in 1996 and successfully host the 2008 Futsal World Cup penyelenggra the 6th.


  1. Thailand 2012 (Brazil)

FIFA Futsal World Cup which the 7th held in Thailand. This is the third time the Championship was held in Asia (formerly Hong Kong and Chinese Taipeh). In a very thrilling final, where Brazil rise from failed and defeated Spain after extra time, Brazil successfully defended the trophy and it became the 5th time they becoming Champion.

Before I give you the information about the history of futsal in the world, it’s good we know sports sense this futsal. According to Wikipedia, Futsal is a ball game played by two teams, each of which consists of five people. The goal is to enter the ball to the opponent, by manipulating the ball with the foot. In addition to the five major players, each team is also allowed to have backup players. Unlike the indoor soccer game field, other futsal restricted line, instead of the net or the Board.

The word Futsal, which is also the international term, derived from the language of Spain or the Portuguese, i.e. Futbol (soccer) and Sala (room), when combined it means to be “indoor Football”. According to FIFA, the origins of Futsal started in 1930 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The first Futsal was introduced by Juan Carlos Ceriani, a football coach of Argentina.

Actually Ceriani unintentionally to create this futsal sport. Ceriani got the idea at the time the football team wants to hold exercises in the field of football but the rainy weather does not support to hold the exercises. Ceriani took the initiative to move the football drills in a room.

Although often held exercises that are indoors, but Ceriani get satisfactory results from the results of the exercise. With satisfactory results that, Ceriani has an idea to create a sports indoors with a number of players who are relatively less i.e. five players and uses a narrower field.

With the number of players who are a little bit and added a narrow field, it takes special skills and techniques for playing sports in this room. Especially the technique of carrying the ball, hold the ball and teamwork. No wonder players futsal is technically better than the conventional football player.

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By looking better and more effectively the futsal sport, sports room is growing rapidly especially in countries located in the region of South America, especially in Brazil. Techniques and skills developed in this game can be seen in the style of the world famous shown Brazil players outdoors on a regular-sized field. Pele, Brazil, famous star for example, develop his talent in futsal.

While Brazil continues to be the center of the futsal world, the game is now played under the patronage of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) around the world, from Europe to Central America and North America as well as Africa, Asia, and Oceania. However, this version of FIFA Futsal History could not be taken for granted, there are some countries who claim that Futsal is derived from their respective country I.e. countries of Canada and Brazil.


Futsal finally is growing very rapidly in Brazil, then in 1936 was made an agreement and the determination of the rules of the game futsal. At that time, the rules of Futsal is also not much difference with the current rules of futsal. The existence of these regulations, futsal growing and popular in Latin America, even to the rest of the world.

In Europe, in Italy, futsal has been best known in the 1950s. Futsal in Italy was introduced by football players imported from latin America who played in Serie A (Italy). At the moment there are no matches, the players that play futsal. And the more known and popular futsal in Italy.

Unlike the case with futsal in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom football players often do rehearse sparring six six opponents on grass with a principle similar to futsal. Futsal is also well known in the United Kingdom, until at one point held a futsal tournament sponsored by the London Express, one of the leading daily in London. While in Spain, in futsal futsal development much more quickly. This could happen because of the culture and style of playing ball in Spain is very similar to the culture of Latin America.

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In 1965 the international Futsal competition was held for the first time, with Paraguay was champion the first time. Then in the following years until in 1979 Brazil dominate this sport competition. Brazil also won the Pan American Cup for the first time in 1980 and 1984.

In 1974, then held a meeting of representatives from many countries futsal. Meeting in Sao Paulo that initiated the creation of FIFUSA (The Federacao de Futebol de Salao Internationale/U.S. Futsal Federation) as the official organisation that oversees the futsal. FIFUSA that time pointing to the Joao Havelange as Chairman. After this, futsal FIFUSA presence more quickly spread to all corners of the world. The first futsal World Championship organized by FIFUSA in 1982 in Sao Paulo Brazil. At the inaugural edition of the event in this World Championship, Brazil came out as the winner. Three years later, a similar event was held in the country of Spain. This is the first time this annual three championship occasions in continental Europe, and Brazil back out as world champion. And in 1988, Brazil was able to finally defeated by Paraguay in Australia.

After a few years, Futsal increasingly well-organized, and FIFA more interested. Because however also undertook to promote futsal international soccer industry. In 1989, FIFA officially enter futsal as a part of football, and FIFA also took over organizing the futsal World Championship. The edition of the FIFA futsal World Cup, the first held in the Netherlands in 1989, coinciding with the anniversary of the Netherlands Football Federation to-100.


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